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After a serious motor vehicle accident, your life will change drastically. In addition to facing daily decisions involving your family and work, you must now schedule countless doctors' appointments, figure out how to pay for your medical expenses, and consider how to take care of your family if you cannot work. With challenges as big as these, you cannot move forward without help — from family and friends, medical specialists, and experienced personal injury lawyers.

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., our attorneys are highly experienced in personal injury litigation, and we focus solely on auto accident claims. Over the course of our careers, we have secured favorable compensation in every type of motor vehicle accident and for a wide range of corresponding injuries.

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Not all personal injury law firms are the same. Your experience navigating the legal process and your compensation results will be a direct reflection of the type of lawyer you choose. Here's how our law firm is different:

  • We take over your legal burden completely: After an accident, you need to focus on recovery. As your counsel, our job is to fight your legal battles for you. This means our attorneys will take all necessary measures to ensure that you are not disturbed or harassed by the insurers, their attorneys or agents.
  • Big firm experience, small firm attention: Attorney Jeffrey A. Jones began his legal career at a large personal injury litigation firm in Minneapolis. He has the experience that comes with nearly 20 years of practice and the results to back it up. Now, as the founder of his own firm, he is able to give clients the high level of personal attention that they truly need during a difficult time in their lives.
  • True trial lawyers: As strange as it may sound, not all injury attorneys are equipped or willing to take cases to trial. Even though the majority of car accident claims can be resolved through negotiation, it is still important to work with attorneys who have significant courtroom experience. When insurers are up against a respected trial lawyer, they are far more likely to offer fair settlements. Our attorneys are never afraid of courtroom litigation because we know how to get results in court — and the insurers know it as well.
  • Passionate about victims' rights: To us, being personal injury lawyers is not just a job — it's a calling. We have seen the devastation experienced by accident victims and their families. We have also witnessed the unfair treatment these individuals receive from the insurance companies. This is why we will never stop fighting for what is just and right. We have the ability to help injured people, and we feel it is our duty to do so.

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After a motor vehicle collision, we are here to help you and your family rebuild your lives. Contact our Minneapolis car accident lawyers at 612-335-9975 to discuss your case. You deserve justice, and our law firm will help you get it.

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