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Vehicle Rollovers Archives

Cause and incidence of cargo tanker rollovers

Minnesota motorists may be aware of the potential danger of rollovers involving tanker trucks that are transporting petroleum or other flammable materials. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are more than 1,300 of these accidents around the country every year.

Avoiding rollover accidents in Minnesota

Although driving in an SUV is no more dangerous than driving in a regular car, their design may make them more susceptible to rolling over. This is because they have a taller center of gravity and carry more of their weight at the top of the vehicle. However, Minnesota drivers can avoid a rollover by observing the speed limit and gradually correcting if the SUV loses contact with the road.

Causes of Minnesota rollover accidents

According to a report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a number of factors influence the likelihood of a rollover accident. Minnesota drivers should be aware of the various things affecting the chances of being in a rollover, because these types of accidents tend to have a higher fatality rate than any other kind. Driver behaviors are leading contributing factors in this type of crash, but the kind of vehicle involved also plays a role in determining the likelihood of rolling.

Rollovers and how Minnesota residents can avoid them

When a rollover occurs, it is classified as either a tripped or an untripped rollover. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 95 percent of rollovers involving single cars are of the tripped variety. A vehicle may be susceptible to tripping on soft soils or when it is moving on a gravel surface. It may also be possible for a car to trip when it hits a curb or encounters a snowbank.

Vehicle rollovers in Minnesota

Although vehicle rollovers account for only three percent of all serious crashes, when they do occur they make up 30 percent of all fatal collisions. Despite the high risk of serious personal injury or death, Minnesota residents may be surprised to learn that the government has no regulations in place to govern rollover safety for automobile manufacturers.

1 hospitalized in Minnesota after SUV rolls over

According to the Stewartville Fire Department, a single-vehicle rollover crash occurred on June 15 around 5:20 a.m. near Stewartville, which is approximately 100 miles south of Minneapolis. A Kia Sorrento occupied by two males, 24 and 44, hydroplaned at the intersection of highways 30 west and 63 south. The Kia's passenger, who was not specified in the news source, was taken to Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Mary's Campus. The Minnesota State Patrol reported that the passenger did not have a seat belt on during the crash.

More than 1 in 3 fatal accidents involve vehicle rollover

Today's vehicles are equipped with a wide variety of safety features. Overall safety ratings might be an important aspect in deciding why to choose buying one vehicle over another. However, even the safest of vehicles cannot completely mitigate the risks of the most violent types of accidents.

Watch out: Winter weather brings rollovers in Minnesota

As Minnesotans, we are all likely aware of the dangers that come with driving in the winter. We know that the roads are icy, covered in snow and very slick. These road conditions can put motorists in serious danger of getting into an accident if people are not driving safely. Even when a driver is using caution, the roads can be treacherous and people can get seriously hurt.

Rollover accidents spark debate over safety of passenger vans

When we shop for a personal vehicle, many of us look into safety ratings and performance reviews. If a manufacturer has a history of defects or recalled vehicles, some of us may choose to avoid buying from the company and look for a more reliable car, truck or van. 

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