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Minnesota drivers and riders: Time to consider motorcycle safety?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There may still be several inches of snow on the ground and many more on the way, but the recent break from below-zero temperatures has reminded many Minnesotans that spring is just around the corner. We can’t help but look forward to nicer weather and being outside, and we certainly get a long enough time to prepare for it.

That is why this could be an excellent time for our readers to start thinking about road safety. Once the snow melts and black ice is no longer a threat, it can be easy to assume that the roads will be perfectly safe. But that is not true; particularly for those who plan on riding a motorcycle. 

There are a number of steps that motorcyclists take before they even get on their bike that drivers may not realize. Many riders take safe riding courses and wear clothing specifically designed to keep them safe and make them visible to other motorists. When they are on the road, safe riders drive defensively and stay within the speed limits.

But no matter how safe a motorcyclist is on the road, it only takes the negligent or reckless actions of one vehicle to put them in serious danger. That is why drivers should remember that they must stay focused on the road and avoid distractions. They should give motorcyclists plenty of time space, meaning that drivers should not follow too closely or try to pull out directly in front of a biker. And they should generally keep an eye out for these smaller vehicles, especially at night.

There may not be any motorcycles on the road just yet, but it will not be that long until bikers are riding on the roads right alongside cars with their windows rolled down. In order to prevent a catastrophic motorcycle accident from ruining an otherwise enjoyable ride, it can be a good idea for motorists and bikers to remember these key responsibilities to safe driving.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, “Public Safety: Campaign revs up on motorcycle safety,” Brian Rokos, Feb. 10, 2014


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