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Injured In A Car Accident? We Can Help.

If you were injured in a car accident in Minneapolis or the surrounding area, you need a motor vehicle accident attorney with the ability to fight back against the insurance company’s deny-delay-defend tactics.

These unscrupulous auto insurance companies make it exceedingly difficult for injured parties to collect the money necessary to cover the medical bills and lost wages resulting from the injuries sustained in a car accident, even when the accident is not the injured party’s fault.

Our Lawyers Fight Back Against Car Insurance Companies

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., we are well-equipped and experienced at dealing with insurance companies. We help injured people recover the benefits they deserve so that they can move on with their lives.

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The Experience And Resources You Need For Complex Injury Claims

Car accidents are often complicated, involving several potentially liable parties. We work with an extensive network of experts, including:

  • Accident investigators, reconstruction experts and other specialists to establish liability
  • Medical experts who can determine the nature of your injuries, including the likelihood of full recovery and estimated cost of your medical care
  • Forensic accountants and life-care planners to estimate lost income and other economic losses

In addition to this vast network of specialists, our lawyers have the financial resources, knowledge and determination to fight for full compensation for your physical, emotional and financial losses caused by the injuries sustained in your accident, from the negotiation and mediation stages to the courtroom.

Contact Our Lawyers To Discuss Filing A Car Crash Lawsuit

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At our Twin Cities law office, all motor vehicle accident cases are taken on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf.