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Tips to keep Minnesota drivers safe during the summer travel season

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

After a very long and cold winter, most Minneapolis residents are more than ready for warmer summer temperatures. The recent Memorial Day holiday weekend signaled the official start to summer. As individuals and families across the twin cities look forward to summer road trips to visit relatives, friends and vacation destinations; it’s a good idea to review some basic safe driving tips.

Before setting out on a road trip, drivers are advised to ensure their vehicles are in proper working order. Most Minnesota residents have likely witnessed a driver pulled over on the side of the road desperately trying to change a tire. Prior to starting out on a road trip, it’s important to check the condition and pressure of a vehicle’s tires. Worn tires may slip in rainy road conditions and tires with low pressure can inhibit a driver’s ability to steer and control a vehicle.

In addition to a vehicle’s tires, it’s also important to check a car’s brakes. Many Minneapolis drivers are forced to brake frequently in metro-area traffic which can quickly wear out brakes. Worn-out brakes can make it difficult to slow or stop a vehicle in time. Ensuring a car’s brakes are in proper working order is especially important when traveling on freeways where the speed limit is often 70 mph, making it more difficult to slow or stop in the event of an emergency.

There are also a number of other car components that should be inspected and attended to prior to any road trip. For example, making sure a car has coolant can mean the difference between being stranded in 90 degree temperatures along the side of the freeway or making it to your destination. Likewise, window washer fluid seems insignificant until a driver is forced to travel directly into the sun while attempting to see through a dirty and dusty windshield.

Even the most prepared driver may still encounter car trouble which necessitates an unexpected stop. To prevent being the victim of a car and pedestrian accident, drivers are advised to pull off at a freeway exit before stopping. In cases where a driver needs to pull over while on the highway, it’s important to pull over to the right-hand shoulder of the road, engage a vehicle’s hazard lights and call for help.

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