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Safe riding during the winter

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

Minnesota cyclists know that riding in winter, particularly during icy weather can be a challenging proposition. However, while winter riding might be difficult, it does not have to be impossible, and there are some things riders can do to avoid getting into a cycling accident.

The first thing a rider can do to avoid bicycle accidents during the winter is to scout the route they will take. This is important, as conditions in different routes can differ and present unique set of challenges for which a rider needs to prepare. Once the route is chosen, the rider should also choose the correct gear. This can begin with choosing the right tires for the job. During snowy, slippery weather, a cyclist might choose to use studded tires, since these are better for gripping the road during snow and ice. Some riders choose to use only one studded tire, as they do tend to be heavier. Others choose winter-riding tires. No matter what, the widest tire that fits the bike should be chosen for winter riding.

Keeping focused on the road ahead, to spot any trouble spots is also necessary for safe winter riding. This might be particularly important in shaded areas and later during the day, as puddles might become iced over, and cause the bike to skid. A rider also needs to stay calm during any emergency that develops, particularly if they begin skidding, since panic can lead to worse decisions. If the bike begins to skid, the advice for riders is similar to that for drivers: turn into the skid and avoid braking. If braking is necessary, then it should be as gently as possible and the back brakes should be used.

Regardless of the weather, cyclists should be alert for distracted drivers. A cyclist who has been injured in an accident caused by a motorist’s negligence may want to have the help of legal counsel in seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses.


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