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Symptoms that may show up after a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | car accidents |

When car accidents occur in Minnesota, victims may be injured even if they do not initially realize it. There are several types of injuries that have delayed symptoms. These injuries might not show symptoms for hours or days following an accident. Therefore, it’s best for crash victims to see their doctors right away to determine if they have been injured.

Many people develop headaches several days after accidents. In some cases, headaches are symptoms of serious conditions such as blood clots in the brain or concussions. Whiplash also leads to delayed symptoms, which may include neck pain, neck and shoulder stiffness and numbness in the arms or hands.

Some crash victims experience abdominal pain or swelling in the abdomen. If this happens, getting prompt medical attention is very important. These symptoms may indicate that the victim has suffered internal injuries and internal bleeding, which can be serious. Furthermore, people who show changes in their personalities may have suffered traumatic brain injuries and should be evaluated.

Because car accident victims may experience rushes of adrenaline immediately after an accident, they might not realize that they have been injured. It is best for people to seek medical attention as soon as possible after their accidents so that they can get the necessary treatment. After getting medical care, a crash victim might want to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. If the collision was caused by a negligent driver, the attorney may be able to help the client recover damages that are sufficient to cover their losses.


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