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Avoiding and defusing road rage in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | car accidents |

Over time, every driver will encounter a motorist who is impatient and aggressive. By following a few tips, however, one can defuse road rage and prevent any accidents from occurring. The first tip is to stay calm. If they are cut off, drivers should not honk the horn, flash their headlights or make hand gestures. If they do, this will only inflame the other driver. They should not even make eye contact as this can be interpreted as a challenge.

There are various ways for offended drivers to stay calm. They could listen to music that relieves stress, or they could tell themselves that being angry will not get them home any earlier. If another motorist steals a parking space, one should give that person the benefit of the doubt and assume he or she did not see them. Keep a light grip on the steering wheel; tightly gripping it will constrict blood flow and cause headaches.

On multi-lane highways, one may need to make way for bullying drivers. In such cases, one should turn right as soon as it’s safe. Having the turn signal on will act as a reassurance. Lastly, traffic jams make many drivers ride up close to others’ bumpers. It’s a good idea to maintain “breathing room” to make a quick escape (if necessary) possible.

Many car accidents are caused by road rage. Someone who has been hurt by an aggressive driver may want to file a personal injury claim. Besides medical expenses and other legitimate losses, they may even be able to sue for punitive damages. However much they are eligible for, they will want a lawyer by their side at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.


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