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Determining the extent of car crash damage and injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | car accidents |

Drivers in Minnesota should know what steps to take in the wake of an auto accident. They must first of all stay as calm as possible; this is crucial for remembering key details later on. With the right information, they can make the filing of their car insurance claim much smoother.

If anyone is in need of immediate medical care, it’s important to call 911. If the vehicles are also in immediate danger, they should be moved. Otherwise, drivers are to leave the accident scene as it is. Taking photographs is essential. This includes physical injuries, skid marks, damage to the vehicle and damage to trees, light poles and other structures. Drivers should also document how they and the other parties feel. Even a slight backache can turn out to be something serious. If any personal items are missing or damaged, such as electronic devices or items in one’s wallet, these should be listed.

Eyewitnesses should be gathered and their testimony written down. Their names and addresses are to be documented as well. Furthermore, it’s important for drivers to maintain neutrality even when they feel that the accounts misrepresent some aspects of the crash. Drivers must let the police handle affairs once they arrive, but they should make sure to request an accident report. It’s generally wise to refrain from signing anything during this time.

All of these aspects will help in determining who is ultimately liable for the car crash. In Minnesota, victims can file a claim even if they are partially to blame, but it may be a good idea to see a lawyer first for a case assessment. If the grounds are good, the lawyer may hire third parties to obtain a copy of the accident report and other evidence. Victims can ask about the possibility of settling out of court.


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