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Distracted driving continues in Minnesota and throughout the US

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | car accidents |

According to the 2019 Travelers Risk Index, distracted driving continues to be a major problem in America. The Travelers survey data shows that roughly 80% of consumers talk on the phone while driving. While distracted driving presents a number of potential liability risks for enterprises, researchers say that management often encourages workers to stay connected via cellphone technology.

The Travelers Companies obtained the statistics by surveying over 2,000 consumers and executives about driving while distracted and why they engaged in such behaviors. The most common driving distractions included typing an email or text, accessing social media, taking photos/recording videos and shopping online.

According to researchers, the fact that drivers are still participating in driving behaviors that can cost lives is surprising. Many drivers, whether they are driving during personal time or for work, tend to ignore the risks. This can make the roads dangerous for everyone.

Nearly 15% of the people who responded to the survey stated that it would be very difficult for them to refrain from engaging in dangerous driving behaviors such as emailing or reading texts while driving. Just over 10% stated that they would find it difficult to stop emailing or typing texts while behind the wheel. Another 5% stated that it would be very difficult for them to stop shopping online while they were behind the wheel.

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