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Road rage incidents are on the rise

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | car accidents |

Road rage incidents are becoming worryingly common in Minnesota and around the country, and experts do not believe much can be done to solve the problem. Data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that the number of deadly crashes caused by enraged drivers rose precipitously between 2006 and 2015, and another study indicates that an average of two American motorists point a gun at another road user every day.

It may be easy to blame road rage incidents on a tiny minority of drivers with serious anger management problems, but an American Automobile Association driver survey suggests that the problem is far more widespread. Eight out of 10 of the motorists polled admitted to succumbing to serious anger while behind the wheel on at least one occasion during the preceding 12 months, and more than half of them told researchers that they deliberately tailgate vehicles to intimidate their drivers.

One of the AAA researchers behind the road rage study says drivers have become more stressed and less patient in recent years due to busy and demanding work schedules that leave little time for rest and relaxation. Congested city streets, heavy traffic, fatigue, and the prescription medications many Americans rely on are also thought to be contributing to the rise in aggressive driving and violent behavior.

Drivers who cause car accidents while enraged may be arrested and prosecuted for vehicular assault. This turn of events should be welcomed by their victims as personal injury attorneys in some cases could use a criminal conviction to help establish negligence in lawsuits brought on the behalf of their clients who were injured in the incident.


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