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Car safety features may cause distractions

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | car accidents |

Drivers in Minnesota and throughout the country may not fully understand what features such as adaptive cruise control are actually capable of doing. Therefore, they may rely on them more than they should while on the road. According to research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist features can actually increase the risk of an accident. Research also found that drivers who used these features engaged in distracted driving twice as often as those who didn’t.

The person responsible for overseeing the survey reminded drivers that they need to be alert at all times. While safety features can help to keep a person safe, they are not intended to override a person’s judgment. However, it was noted that the features themselves are not dangerous if used correctly. Automakers were challenged to do more to help ensure that vehicle owners understood how to use lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

Adaptive cruise control can help a driver maintain his or her speed as well as his or her distance from another vehicle. A lane keep assist tool can help to alert drivers if they are drifting too far out of position on a road or highway. In some cases, it will actually steer the vehicle back to where it should be.

Individuals who are hurt in car accidents caused by distracted or otherwise negligent drivers may be entitled to financial compensation. An attorney might be able to help victims of car accidents show that another person was impaired or not paying attention when a wreck occurred. Evidence of negligent driving may include statements from a driver, pictures from the scene of the crash or video footage. This might be used to obtain a favorable settlement or a favorable outcome in court.


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