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Ignition interlock devices can cause accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | car accidents |

Ignition interlock devices help prevent people who have been convicted of drunk driving from driving their vehicles after they have drunk alcohol. While these devices save lives in Minnesota, they might also cause accidents.

The New York Times investigated ignition interlock devices and found that IIDs can contribute to accidents by distracting the drivers who must use them. Individuals who are required to have IIDs installed in their vehicles must blow into them to start their cars. If they have alcohol on their breath, their vehicles will not start.

The problem with IIDs is that people can have their friends blow into the devices for them and then drive drunk. To prevent this from happening, the devices conduct rolling tests while people are driving. When a rolling test occurs, the device will require that the driver blows into the device again. Drivers will then need to reach for the tube and blow into it. This can make people take their hands, eyes, and attention away from the road while they are completing the rolling tests. The New York Times found that the rolling tests distract drivers and have caused accidents.

While the manufacturers claim that the ignition interlock devices are safe, other people on the roads around the drivers who have to use them might be injured when accidents result. People who suffer injuries in accidents caused by drivers who were distracted by their ignition interlock devices might benefit from consulting with experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers. Attorneys might review the facts of what happened and provide honest assessments of the merits of the claims. If a lawyer agrees to represent an injury accident victim, he or she might help his or her client pursue the maximum compensation required to pay for all of the victim’s economic and noneconomic damages.


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