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How to drive defensively

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | car accidents, pedestrian accidents |

Minnesota roads tend to get more dangerous around the holidays due to winter weather and traffic. If you’re gearing up to hit the Minneapolis roadways, here is what you should know about how to drive defensively, avoid accidents and stay safe while moving around the city.

Pay attention to weather conditions

Many studies have shown that the risk of motor vehicle accidents increases substantially in adverse weather conditions. It goes without saying that Minnesota roads can be dangerous places in the wintertime. In addition to outfitting your vehicle with appropriate gear, like snow tires, you should always consider the weather conditions you are in and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

Watch out for pedestrian and bicyclists

Other motor vehicles aren’t the only obstacles on the roadways that drivers should be aware of. You should also carefully pay attention to pedestrians and bicyclists who might not be as easily visible as other cars. This is especially important for bicyclists who often ride on the street with traffic.

Early braking

Giving plenty of leeway for braking by not waiting until the last minute is always important but all the more so in Minnesota winters when the threat of skidding on an ice pitch is much greater. Even before applying the brakes fully, slow down. The best rule of thumb for breaking is to anticipate the need for two to three times the breaking period that you might actually need, so if something goes wrong, you have the time to take corrective action and avoid an accident.

By following these guidelines, you’ll cut your risk of getting into an accident and possibly endangering your life or the lives of fellow travelers. Stay safe out there!


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