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The dangers of pedestrian accidents on interstate highways

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrians are sometimes present on highways in the Twin Cities area. There are many reasons for this, but sadly, many are injured and even killed. These accidents can be avoided if both drivers and pedestrians are alert and careful.

Why do pedestrians appear on a highway?

A pedestrian could be on a highway for various reasons. Often, it’s because they were in a vehicle that unexpectedly broke down or ran out of gas. In the case of an accident, people need to exit their vehicle to exchange information with the other driver and may be on the shoulder of the road.

Some pedestrians even try to cross the highway. This is extremely dangerous and one of the biggest reasons for auto-pedestrian accidents. When this occurs after dark, it’s often due to intoxication or even suicidal behavior.

Sometimes, a pedestrian might be walking along the shoulder to stay out of the line of traffic while trying to get to a nearby destination on foot instead of in a vehicle.

How can pedestrians stay safer while walking on highways?

Pedestrians have the right to walk along highways. However, it’s important to take certain steps to stay safer while on such a major road with motor vehicles all around. Pedestrians should remain alert at all times and never assume that drivers are going to be cautious.

If a person is in a vehicle and needs to get to the shoulder of the road, it’s important to avoid sitting inside for too long unless it’s absolutely necessary. When you have to exit your car, stand behind it to make yourself more visible to drivers and avoid the road.

While walking along the highway’s shoulder, it’s safer to do so facing traffic. It gives you a view of how cars are moving rather than having your back facing oncoming traffic.


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