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Rear-end collisions happen on interstates

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | car accidents |

Rear-end collisions and the injuries resulting from them are not uncommon incidents in Minnesota. Many drivers worry about getting hit from behind when stopped at a red light or stop sign in the Twin Cities. While there are certainly significant risks of rear-end accidents on a city street, the same can happen in a parking lot or even an interstate highway. The number of rear-end crashes on interstates might be more than the average driver realizes.

Rear-end collisions on interstates

Several reasons contribute to rear-end collisions on interstates, including moving violations and distracted driving.

Drivers also forget that traffic can slow down and become congested without warning. Although cars may travel at the posted speed limit with no problems for most of a commute, traffic ahead may slow down or come to an outright stop. If a driver is not paying attention, a rear-end collision could happen. The chances of such an accident may increase when a driver is speeding, which reduces the time necessary to react.

Vehicles may suffer mechanical problems, causing them to stall. Pulling over to the shoulder of the road might get the car out of a moving lane, but a distracted or intoxicated driver may Veer into the shoulder and hit the vehicle from behind. A fatality could result in such an incident.

Injuries and compensation for rear-end collisions

Read-end motor vehicle accidents may cause more than damage to the impacted vehicle. The collision could leave a victim suffering from whiplash and all the painful conditions accompanying medical bills. Rear-end crashes might cause more severe injuries, such as spinal damage and broken backs. These injuries might require costly surgeries and rehabilitation.

Victims may seek legal remedies to recover their losses. A personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim might be worth pursuing.


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