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The leading cause of facial injuries might surprise you

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | car accidents |

Injuries are unwanted but occasional parts of life for many people in Minnesota. An injury can happen in many ways. However, the leading cause of facial injuries might surprise you.

What’s the leading cause of facial injuries?

Motor vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of facial injuries. These accidents often cause facial trauma due to the impact of a car accident. Car accidents also often cause glass, plastic, and metal to fly into victims’ faces.

The main types of facial injuries

There are two main types of facial injuries. Some injuries cause soft tissue damage. A few examples of soft tissue damage are cuts, scrapes, burns, or skin tears. More severe facial injuries are fractures, a term for cracked or broken bones. Examples of facial fractures can include broken teeth or damaged eye sockets.

Repairing facial trauma

Fortunately, most low-grade soft tissue damage can heal in time. Other, more severe forms of soft tissue facial trauma can cause permanent scarring.

Treating facial fractures often requires more intensive treatment. Especially severe facial fractures could require multiple surgeries before a patient feels normal. For example, a car accident survivor might need emergency surgery to save their life. After this person’s facial injuries heal, they may want cosmetic surgeries to normalize their appearance.

If you survived a motor vehicle accident causing facial injuries, seek medical care. It’s also important to follow up with every scheduled appointment and gather documentation of your visits. These documents are evidence of your injuries and the costs of treating them. You might be able to seek damages from the other party that help pay for your medical bills.


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