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What to do if your Dodge or Chrysler is involved in airbag recall

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Auto Product Liability |

In 2014, a massive recall began that affected Dodge Challengers, Chargers and Magnums as well as Chrysler 300s manufactured from 2005 to 2010. To date, this has involved over 42 million vehicles. However, there are still over 275,000 vehicle owners who have not taken advantage of the recall. Officials are warning car owners to stop driving their vehicles until the problem is fixed. If you live in the Twin Cities area, here’s what you need to know.

The problem

There is a defect in Takata airbags, causing them to explode with too much force. This has caused fragments from the airbags to maim and even kill some passengers. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is pleading with car owners to have the faulty airbags replaced or fixed. They warn that this is a problem that can worsen with age, becoming even more dangerous.

Find out if you are affected

Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and see if your vehicle is part of the recall. Just plug your car’s VIN into the site’s system and it will tell you if there are any open recalls on your vehicle.

What you can do

Take your vehicle to the nearest Chrysler or Dodge dealership. They will fix the defective part or replace the airbags for free. It is usually a quick fix, taking about an hour. If you have already had the repair done elsewhere, you can get a refund for the repair. If you have any more questions or need extra help, contact Chrysler or Dodge at 800-853-1403.


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