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When drivers encounter deadly power lines

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | car accidents |

It’s not construction workers alone who run into dangerous power lines in Minnesota. Your risks of being injured or killed in an electrical accident increase significantly during a natural disaster. Due to slippery roads, you’re likely to experience transit accidents that are combined with downed power lines. There are several situations that some drivers face in the presence of severe weather.

Natural disasters

The risks of transit accidents increase by thousands of times during a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or flood. Electrical shocks and electrocutions are common because severe wind and rains interfere with electrical systems. A shock or electrocution could happen while you’re using water inside of a home. So, the risks of electrical accidents increase when you step outdoors and become exposed to broken wires that are combined with heavy rain and floods. Most people only leave their homes if it becomes too dangerous to remain during a severe storm.

Car distances

Most cars are safest when they’re moved as far away from downed power lines at a distance of several yards or further. It’s not always possible to know if the power lines are electrified by looking at them alone. The wires do not have to spark, buzz or jump around to be active and deadly.

During a natural disaster, homeowners are expected to avoid driving on roads and only in emergency situations. But there are several times when drivers have to go out and come across downed power lines on roads. In addition to transit accidents, there are increased risks of electrical accidents to consider, as well, that may result in injury or death by electrocution.


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