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Factors considered in determining cause of death

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | car accidents |

Determining the cause of death in a Minnesota car accident can be complex. Many professionals may be involved in the process before making a final determination.

Emergency medical technicians

The ambulance crew often writes complex reports on what treatment was given to the individual at the accident scene. These reports may also outline what they observed that led them to act. Unfortunately, in some cases, the wrong or poorly administered treatment can exacerbate injuries.

Law enforcement officials

Police officers often collect evidence from the scene to determine an accident’s cause. They usually take photos to substantiate their claims. Furthermore, they note the weather, road and other conditions that may have contributed to the car accident.

Hospital staff

If the person involved in a motor vehicle accident was transported to the hospital, hospital reports must also be considered. As with the ambulance crew, wrong, delayed or not given medical treatments can cause a person to die. Sometimes, doctors and other healthcare providers make mistakes in administering treatment.

Toxicology reports

Medical professionals often run toxicology reports to determine what is in a person’s bloodstream. This is because drugs and alcohol can interfere with medical treatments.

Medical examiner reports

If the person in a car accident dies, doctors may perform an autopsy to determine the cause. The quality of autopsy reports depends heavily on the skill and training of the medical examiner who writes them.

Determining the cause of death after an accident is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Many different factors must be pieced together before a conclusion can be drawn.


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