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What are the most frequent catalysts for auto accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Despite attempts to reduce the frequency of auto accidents, they continue to be an ongoing problem in Minnesota. Most people will think about their physical and financial recovery if they have been in a collision. However, it is also wise to take steps to avoid them.

Distraction, speeding, intoxication and drowsiness

Drivers have grown accustomed to being distracted by sending messages, surfing the internet, checking social media and shopping. While not engaging in these behaviors while driving is crucial, it’s also important to watch for others on the road who are looking at their phones instead of the road.

Almost all drivers speed sometimes. However, excessive speeding gives drivers less time to react to the unexpected, and it increases the severity of the impact when there is an accident. If you see a car speeding, it’s best to switch lanes so that you are out of their path.

If a driver is under the influence, they lose reaction time, make poor decisions and behave recklessly. As many as one-third of fatal collisions in the U.S. are believed to have been caused by some type of intoxication.

Drowsiness has a physical effect on a drive that is similar to that of intoxication. Given how busy people are today with their families, jobs, school and social commitments, they might not get enough sleep. Drowsy driving is an especially big issue when it involves truck drivers or delivery drivers as their vehicles are larger, so they are more difficult to control.

The aftermath of an accident

Avoiding motor vehicle accidents is the obvious objective. However, these incidents can happen to anyone. After one does occur, people will have a great deal to consider.

Calling emergency services right away is crucial, and some injuries that aren’t immediately obvious may take a long while to heal. In addition to the medical costs, people who were involved in a crash also need to think about how they will get their vehicles repaired and how long it will take to be compensated by their insurance company.


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