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Taxicab accident lawsuits in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | car accidents |

It is possible to seek legal counsel after an accident involving a taxicab. Personal injury lawsuits may be filed by or on behalf of those injured in accidents that were caused at least partly by reckless or negligent behavior.

If you are struck by a taxicab while on foot or are a passenger in a cab that is involved in an accident, collecting as much information as possible at the scene could be very beneficial. Gathering the names of any eyewitnesses and taking photographs of the damage may provide personal injury attorneys with vital evidence that can be used in a lawsuit, but attorneys may conduct their own investigations when police reports are inconclusive or witness statements are contradictory.

Accidents involving taxicabs often take place in busy urban centers, and most intersections in cities or large towns are under constant surveillance by either traffic control or security cameras. Attorneys may request the footage captured by these cameras to provide a definitive account of what transpired in the moments immediately before an accident. Attorneys could also canvass the area for witnesses that the police may have missed.

The injuries suffered in taxicab accidents are often debilitating, but seeking compensation from cab companies that are adept at shielding themselves from liability can be challenging. Experienced personal injury attorneys may be aware that cab operators and their insurance companies are rarely eager to admit to negligent behavior, and they could strive to compile as much evidence as possible before initiating litigation on behalf of accident victims. If you have been injured by or while traveling in a taxicab and would like to learn more about your legal options, please visit the website of Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., which has information about what to do after a car accident.


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