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Taxicab Accidents

Many people who are involved in cab accidents often have difficulty understanding their rights or have no idea where to seek compensation. Were you in the cab at the time of the accident or did a cab hit you? Was the cab driver at fault for the accident?

Legal Help After A Cab Or Taxi Accident

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., we help you sort through the answers to those questions, as well as many others, putting together the evidence and witness accounts needed to build a solid case for compensation. Our attorneys will act on your behalf, holding responsible parties accountable for the pain you have suffered.

If you have been involved in a taxicab accident, please contact our law offices today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options. Call 612-234-2992.

If the cab driver was responsible for the accident, there are legal steps that can be taken against the cab company. This is regardless of whether you were in the cab or were struck by the cab. These companies take measures to avoid liability, and it can be difficult to pursue compensation on your own. Our lawyers, however, are skilled at assembling a case on behalf of the client and will hold the company responsible and recover damages.

What To Do Following A Cab Accident

Directly following a cab accident, first attend to any pressing medical needs. After you have made sure that everyone is safe, however, immediately begin taking pictures and getting witness accounts (and contact information) of what happened. Never make any statements — whether to police, bystanders or your insurance company — that could cast guilt on you. Also never make a statement about how you feel until you have been checked by a doctor.

Following the accident, call the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., to discuss how we can ensure that you are provided the compensation you deserve.