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Collision avoidance systems reduce the number of car crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | car accidents |

Many Minnesota drivers may have heard about certain warning systems that are being installed in vehicles. However, they may also be interested to learn that less than 9 percent of all new vehicles being sold come with these warning systems as part of their standard equipment, even though they have been shown to reduce the number of car accidents that occur on the nation’s roadways.

For example, a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that the rate of head-on collisions, sideswipes and single-vehicle accidents in 2015 were 11 percent lower in cars that had warning systems installed. The number of accidents that resulted in injuries was cut by 21 percent in vehicles that had warning systems. Ultimately, the numbers show that, if all vehicles had lane departure warnings technology, an estimated 55,000 injuries would have been avoided in 2015 alone.

However, the study also showed that some drivers who had collision avoidance systems installed in their vehicles were not using them. Some drivers shut their systems off completely, and this may be due to the systems being either annoying or distracting. Adoption of the technology is also slow due to the fact that many vehicle manufacturers do not offer the systems as standard equipment on new cars.

Although collision avoidance systems can help drivers avoid causing car accidents, crashes that result in injuries can still occur. Most car accidents are caused by human error, and a motorist who is speeding, impaired by alcohol or distracted by a cellphone can cause great harm to others on the road. People who have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver might find it advisable to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.


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