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At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., we focus only on motor vehicle accident claims and litigation. We have been advocating for Minnesota accident victims and their families for many years, and are ready to help you secure the compensation you need and deserve.

At your first meeting with us, we will take the time to listen to your story and understand how your life has been impacted. Our lawyers will provide clear explanations as to how the law affects you and will help you understand your right to compensation through the insurance companies. We will also provide honest feedback about the merits of your claim and what realistic recovery might look like.

We can help you no matter how you have been injured and what type of accident you were involved in. Our clients include people who have suffered severe and life-changing injuries in auto accidents, truck wrecks, and other motor vehicle accidents on streets and roads throughout the Twin Cities and across Minnesota.

Whether you were injured in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, on the light rail or in a motorcycle crash, our experienced injury lawyers are here to help.

What To Do After An Auto Accident In Minnesota

Being involved in an automobile collision is one of the most frightening experiences you will ever endure. Even after the initial trauma, you may face uncertainty as to the length of your recovery and your ability to pay medical bills. While your physical and emotional well-being should be your priority, it is important to call upon an experienced personal injury attorney to fight your legal battles during this difficult time.

An Entire Legal Team Working For You And Your Family

When you work with our law firm, you will have an entire legal team dedicated to your claim, including attorneys Jeffrey Jones, Christopher Vilione and Joshua Miller, a qualified and skilled staff of paralegals, and any external experts who are needed. Our firm is unique in that you will always have direct access to the attorneys handling your case. Whether you need an email response, a phone call or an in-person visit, the attorneys at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., will always make the time to respond to you directly. We answer to you, our client — not the other way around.

Contact Our Law Office For The Advocacy You Need

After a car crash or any motor vehicle accident, we are here to help you obtain the compensation you need to move on. Contact our Minneapolis lawyers at 612-234-2992 to discuss your case.

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