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Automatic braking systems are proving their worth

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | car accidents |

Motorists throughout Minnesota and the rest of the country desire a safer driving experience. To that end, manufacturers are adding additional safety features as new technology becomes available. One of the more recent safety enhancements, automatic emergency braking, is proving to be especially effective.

An automotive safety group recently performed a study on the emergency braking systems offered by a major vehicle manufacturer. The group studied rear-end accident statistics of General Motors vehicles for models installed with the manufacturer’s new braking system over a three year period.

Researchers compared accident data between vehicles with and without automatic emergency braking systems. The comparisons were made for vehicles of the same model and year. Overall, the study found that the automatic braking reduced rear-end collisions were by 43 percent. Injury accidents dropped by almost two-thirds. Injuries to third parties dropped by a whopping 68 percent.

The enhanced braking system works in two parts. A warning signal is initiated if the vehicle approaches too closely to a vehicle or other obstruction. The brakes will automatically apply if the signal is not heeded. The system is currently available in all new vehicles offered by General Motors, including cars, minivans, light trucks and SUV’s. All manufacturers are promising to offer this type of system in all models by 2022.

While this new braking system is a wonderful innovation, it does not excuse a driver from maintaining a proper lookout while operating a vehicle. The standard of reasonable care still applies and is likely to apply in the future. If someone has been hurt by a reckless or negligent driver, a lawyer may be able to help them obtain compensation for damages.


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