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What to do if you have been hit by a truck

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | car accidents |

Being involved in an auto accident with another car is bad enough; however, being involved in an accident with a truck can be devastating. However, if you have fortunately survived an impact with a commercial truck, then you must now focus on what is next for you in terms of obtaining justice and compensation. Thus the following includes further information on what you should do after an accident with a truck in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Photo documentation

After motor vehicle accidents occur, the city will attempt to clean things up as soon as possible for traffic to continue moving. Thus if you can walk around after the accident and have already checked on the other drivers, you should now begin to collect evidence for your case in the form of photographs. This will involve taking photos/videos of your car, the street conditions, traffic signs, and the commercial truck itself.

Documented evidence

The fact is that you should never rely on a police report to contain everything you need for your case. Instead, begin to take statements from those who have witnessed the accident. Document it in writing, and make sure you include names and phone numbers.

Electronic logs

According to federal law, commercial truck drivers must only be on the road if they have the proper certifications and if they are well-rested. However, this is often not the case and much of the reason why some truck drivers get involved in an accident. Thus obtaining these electronic logs is so critical. They will be able to determine if the truck driver was tired, being pressured by their company to move faster, or simply not qualified to drive a commercial truck.


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