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Avoiding rollover accidents in Minnesota

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Vehicle Rollovers |

Although driving in an SUV is no more dangerous than driving in a regular car, their design may make them more susceptible to rolling over. This is because they have a taller center of gravity and carry more of their weight at the top of the vehicle. However, Minnesota drivers can avoid a rollover by observing the speed limit and gradually correcting if the SUV loses contact with the road.

When a driver brakes too quickly or tries to steer the vehicle suddenly, it could cause the wheels to grip the road tighter and start the rolling process. In the event that the car leaves the road, it is important to take corrective action with the driver’s foot off of the pedals. It is also common for drivers to attempt to swerve in an effort to avoid hitting an animal. However, swerving could put the driver and others in jeopardy.

Those who are driving while tired may weave while on the road. Tired drivers are urged to take a break whenever they feel drowsy or otherwise inattentive. Those who are operating an SUV may also be able to lower the risk of a rollover by refraining from putting heavy items on top of it. Finally, anyone in any vehicle should wear their seat belt as they can protect occupants involved in a rollover accident.

Those who are involved in vehicle rollover accidents caused by the negligence of another driver could suffer serious injuries. These injuries may take months or years to recover from and may impede a victim’s ability to work or otherwise live a normal life. In many cases, accident victims may want to seek reimbursement for medical bills as well as compensation for lost wages through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver.


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