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Were you involved in a train accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | train accidents |

Train commerce is a crucial element in Minnesota’s economy, with more than 20 rail companies operating in the state over thousands of miles of tracks. And with any activity that extensive, it’s inevitable that accidents will occur.

Train accidents can span a range from passenger trains to freight carriers, and can involve either those riding the trains or pedestrians near the tracks. And the consequences of mass transit accidents can be horrifying, often affecting many victims at once. Understanding your rights if you were involved in a train accident is crucial.

Common causes of train accidents

Both the state of Minnesota and the federal government have regulations in place to keep rail transit as safe as possible, but accidents do happen. Frequently, these are the result of user error of some kind.

Sometimes, a train accident happens because of a mistake by a train operator or another rail worker. This can include miscommunication with railway signals governing traffic.

Other times, a mechanical failure is the culprit. And in the case of mechanical failure, this may be the result of someone either neglecting maintenance or improper maintenance of the failed part or system.

Your options after a train accident

If you were involved in an incident involving a train, you may be entitled to seek redress for a number of reasons. Not all of them are obvious, and navigating the legalities of a train accident can be complicated.

If you’re injured in any way, you might be eligible for compensation. But this extents to any emotional trauma as well. Train accidents can often be mentally scarring, and if you’ve suffered in this manner a court can find in your favor.


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