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Identifying the risk factors in motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Driving a motorcycle can be an effective way to get to different locations and avoid traffic. However, this choice of commute can be dangerous for many reasons.

In 2021, more than 5,900 motorcyclists died on the road, accounting for 14 percent of all traffic deaths that year. To help reduce traffic fatalities, motorcyclists should identify potential risk factors that may lead to accidents.

By knowing these risk factors, you can be aware of potential road hazards and get a deeper understanding of how to share the road safely with other drivers.

Risk factors associated with motorcycle accidents

There are multiple contributing factors to motorcycle crash causation, including the following:

  • Human error, which often happens when a motorcyclist feels unwell or impaired, can result in incidents associated with failing to decide, react and comprehend in time.
  • Mechanical issues, such as faulty engines, can also be another risk factor in motorcycle accidents. By neglecting your motorcycle, you increase your risk of getting in a collision while driving.
  • Environmental factors can also lead to fatal motorcycle crashes. Poor roadway design and traffic control failures may confuse motorcyclists, while adverse weather may obstruct their view. These issues can lead to delayed reactions to harmful road conditions.

Protect yourself on the road

Practicing safe motorcycle driving starts even before you leave your home. Regularly maintaining your motorcycle not only lowers the risk of getting in an accident but also guarantees the bike’s longevity.

You should also avoid driving your motorcycle in inclement weather. If this cannot be avoided, wearing proper protective equipment that will not hinder your view can be helpful. Watch out for traffic signals warning drivers of sharp curves and other dangerous road conditions.

Once you are on the road, stay alert and avoid distractions. This way, you can react and make decisions as quickly as possible to prevent fatal collisions.



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