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Minnesota pedestrian killed in accident

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

A Wadena pedestrian who was hit by a van on Sept. 23 succumbed to his injuries the next day. The man was struck by the van as he crossed the street.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the fatal accident took place at about 2 p.m. when the pedestrian, a 78-year-old Wadena man, was crossing southbound at the intersection of Highway 71 and Colfax Avenue S.E. A 2008 Chevy Express van approached the intersection while travelling on westbound on Colfax Avenue. The driver, a 71-year-old Sebeka man, made a stop at the red light, then made a right turn. This is when he struck the pedestrian.

The pedestrian suffered serious injuries due to the collision. He was taken to a hospital in St. Cloud for treatment, where he succumbed to his injuries a day later. The driver was not injured in the incident. Road conditions do not seem to have played a role in the accident, as the pavement was dry at the time of the crash. In similar auto-pedestrian accidents, other factors such as speeding, distracted driving and even driving under the influence have played a role in the collisions.

In a case such as this one, the family of the decedent might seek the guidance of a lawyer to decide if they want to file a wrongful death claim. Before filing the claim, they might await the results of a police investigation to see if the investigation reveals liability on the part of the driver. If liability is determined and the family chooses to file the claim, they might seek compensation for the medical expenses incurred during the treatment, as well as for any funeral and burial costs. Other compensation the family might seek can include non-economic damages such as those for loss of companionship.


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