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“Operation Dry Water” targets drunk boaters

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2016 | boating accidents |

Minnesota authorities from the Department of Natural Resources announced on June 24 that “Operation Dry Water” was scheduled to take place from June 24 to June 26. This effort was intended to target those who operated their boats while under the influence of alcohol.

This operation was scheduled to take place just before the 4th of July, a holiday that is particularly known to be deadly for boaters due to alcohol consumption. During the operation, drunk individuals who are caught operating boats may expect to be taken into custody.

Statistics show that BWI resulted in 42 percent of all boating accidents within the last five years in Minnesota. Of the accidents that occurred in 2015, seven out of 16 fatal accidents involved alcohol in some way. In many cases, accidents involving BWI turn deadly because those involved did not wear their life vests. Additionally, many individuals end up in the water after becoming impaired. As a result, boaters are encouraged to leave their alcohol behind when they go boating. In 2015, 78 people in Minnesota were taken into custody for BWIs.

Those who are operating their boats safely can still suffer serious injuries if they become involved in boating accidents. Depending on how bad the injuries are, the injured boater might be able to hold the person who caused the accident liable for any damages. For example, if a person is hospitalized and cannot work following an accident, an attorney may assist with seeking compensation for the medical costs associated with the injury and for the income the injured person was unable to earn. The attorney may also negotiate a settlement that includes compensation for potential future medical costs if the injury appears to be long-lasting.


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