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Girl dies after snowy wreck with semi truck

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Firm News |

The family of a Minnesota 16-year-old is mourning her loss after a mid-afternoon crash with a big rig on a snowy day claimed her life.

The deadly accident occurred on Monday, Feb. 17, at the intersection of County Road 14 and Hwy. 14 just northwest of Albert Lea in southern Minnesota, the Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) reported.

Trucker allegedly had right of way

The young driver was at the wheel of a compact car headed eastbound around 2:45 p.m. The semi-truck driver, 57, was northbound on Hwy. 13. The man, a Waseca resident, had the right of way in the intersection where the collision occurred. He was not hurt in the crash.

Wintry conditions make driving more dangerous

While it does not initially appear that the driver of the semitruck was at fault in this fatal collision, it is likely that the snowy weather may have contributed to the accident. It should be noted that these commercial trucks are very large and heavy and unable to stop on a dime, especially in snow and ice.

Newer drivers have little experience navigating on slippery roads that may not have been sanded or salted by road crews. That means that they should reduce speed and approach intersections with the utmost caution when inclement weather conditions prevail.

Big-rig wrecks leave devastating injuries and deaths

Even when motorists survive these clashes with highway behemoth semitrucks, they can be left with permanent and disabling injuries. They could be left in vegetative states or be confined for life in wheelchairs. Even if their injuries eventually do heal, the recovery may be grueling and extensive.

Of course, the more serious the injuries, the more expensive the treatment will be. Few people have sufficient health insurance to cover all costs of treatment and recovery. Even if they do, there can be other expenses involved.

You could need a lifetime of assistance

An accident with a semi truck could leave you requiring assistance with even the most basic activities of daily life (ADL), including feeding oneself, dressing, toileting and bathing. Caring for someone for a lifetime can often fall on family members who may also be struggling to work and earn money because the injured person is no longer able to be employed.

Sometimes, it is the family breadwinner who gets killed in a collision with a commercial semi truck. The family can struggle to cover lodging and other monthly expenses. One way to recoup some of these losses is by filing a wrongful death claim against any liable parties.


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