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What’s the safest possible way to travel?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | car accidents |

Whether for business or pleasure, you might be preparing to travel around Minnesota. With that in mind, you might wonder about the safest way to travel. Here’s a closer look at popular travel methods, ranked from safest to least safe.

Commercial airplanes

As surprising as it might seem, riding in an airplane remains the safest mode of transportation. According to recent research, airplane accidents are only responsible for .006 deaths per billion miles of travel. Most plane crashes involve privately-owned aircraft.


If you can’t travel by plane, you might want to buy a bus ticket. Due to experienced drivers and improvements in manufacturing technology, buses remain extremely safe ways to travel. One study found that traveling by bus is 50 times safer than driving a private automobile.


You might also consider traveling by train, which comes in third place in this list for safety. Because train crashes are so rare, any collision involving trains often becomes headline news.


Some people enjoy traveling on open water, either by getting aboard a boat or large ship. According to recent data, about 90% of all boating deaths involve recreational boats and not larger ferries or cruise ships.


Unfortunately, one of the most popular ways to travel is also one of the unsafest. Each year, about 6 million car accidents occur. Making matters worse, driver fatalities happen in one out of every 114 automobile accidents.


While it’s often an exhilarating experience, riding a motorcycle is the least safe travel method. Sadly, 212.57 deaths occur per every million miles of travel that takes place on a motorcycle. If you want to travel by motorcycle, lower your risk of being in a crash by wearing a safety helmet and following the speed limit.

You have many options to consider the next time you travel. If you find yourself involved in a travel-related accident, it might be wise to contact a lawyer. A lawyer can potentially help you with all aspects of your accident claim.


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