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Winter driving dangers

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | car accidents |

Driving in the winter brings risks to commuters on Minnesota roads. Driving conditions could be dangerous, so drivers may benefit from being more careful. Those who drive recklessly might cause an accident, leaving themselves open to personal injury lawsuits.

Dangers on Minnesota roads

Minnesota could experience significant snowfalls in the winter, but even a light rain may present dangers if the temperature drops. Snow and rain can turn to ice in freezing conditions, and icy roads are dangerous. Drivers who travel too fast on icy or slick roads might lose control of their vehicles and crash.

Cars will lose traction on the road if their tire treads wear out. Losing traction on icy roads could lead to a catastrophic accident. Checking treads and air pressure seems advisable. Tire pressure can drop rapidly during cold weather, so the driver should regularly check the air pressure.

Salt on the road could get underneath a vehicle and cause corrosion. The rust may spread to the brake lines. If the brake lines become brittle, they could leak. Losing brake fluid might diminish hydraulic pressure, and the brakes may fail.

Other winter considerations

Various other winter hazards could cause motor vehicle accidents. Snowstorms cause poor visibility, among other dangers. Not adjusting driving habits to address poor visibility or icy roads could be reckless behavior.

Other problems could arise, such as stalled cars on the road. If a vehicle’s battery dies, the engine won’t turn over. Drivers may find themselves stranded when their batteries don’t work.

An intoxicated driver might not see a stalled vehicle on the shoulder and crash into it. Speeding drivers whose vehicles skid on icy roads may do the same. The victims could sue and point out the other driver’s negligence in these situations.


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