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How do sideswipe accidents occur, and how can you avoid them?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | car accidents |

Although sideswipe vehicle accidents are not as common as other collisions, they sometimes still affect Minnesota residents. If you are involved in one, the damage can vary depending on the impact. This is how sideswipe accidents occur and how to avoid them.

Understanding sideswipe accidents

A sideswipe collision occurs when a vehicle travels too close to another either in the same or opposite direction. A driver might misinterpret or disregard the lack of space available to safely pass another car and end up making contact with the side of that vehicle. These types of accidents can happen when one vehicle is stopped or both are moving.

Causes of sideswipe accidents

Sideswipe car accidents usually occur because a driver is careless, reckless or makes an error. Distracted driving is a common cause as the driver isn’t paying enough attention to see the other vehicle or the lack of space to safely pass.

When a driver is fatigued, their concentration is gone, which can cause a sideswipe collision. Driving under the influence also impairs the ability to safely drive, which can result in drifting into another lane and making contact with the side of another vehicle.

Aggressive driving tactics like speeding, disregarding the rules of the road, passing without giving enough space and road rage are common causes of sideswipe accidents. Blind spots can also result in a sideswipe as a driver fails to see the other vehicle.

Avoiding sideswipe accidents

Drivers can use defensive driving to avoid sideswipe collisions. Checking for blind spots, giving plenty of room to pass other vehicles and avoiding reckless drivers are ways to stay safer. Ensuring a way to safely move out of the way could also prevent a sideswipe accident. Being especially careful with huge trucks may also prove effective in avoiding these collisions.

Use common sense and report dangerous drivers to the authorities. It might help keep the roads safer.


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