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How can you avoid car crashes on the deadliest holidays?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | car accidents |

Holiday travel causes congestion on Minneapolis–Saint Paul roadways. Unfortunately, more deadly motor vehicle accidents occur during the holidays than during any other time of the year in the Twin Cities.

Reasons for the increase in accidents

If you consider the holidays joyous occasions, you may wonder why motor vehicle accidents become more deadly during certain holidays. The contributing factors to a rise in deadly car crashes during the holidays include:

• Increase in traffic volume
• Poor weather
• Holiday stress and fatigue
• Increase in driving at night
• Unfamiliarity with the roads as people drive long distances

Alcohol and holiday driving

Alcohol remains one of the largest contributors to deadly car crashes. During Christmas alone, the National Safety Council estimates that 38% of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol. Holidays typically invite celebrations with alcohol, and people choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Deadly car accidents occur as a result.

Deadliest holidays list

Residents in the Twin Cities and throughout the U.S. love to celebrate holidays throughout the year. This results in deadly holiday accidents all year long.

The ten deadliest holidays for drivers involve the following:

• Easter
• Veteran’s Day
• Thanksgiving
• Halloween
• Mother’s Day
• Cinco de Mayo
• Father’s Day
• July 4th
• Labor Day
• Memorial Day

Safety tips

In some instances, victims cannot avoid fatal car crashes. However, these tips may reduce your chances of becoming involved in a fatal holiday car accident:

• Eliminate all driver distractions.
• Avoid poor weather conditions.
• Keep an eye on your speed.
• Do not drive under the influence.
• Buckle children in safely.
• Remain at a safe distance from other passengers.
• Remove bulky winter jackets and coats before putting on safety belts.

You cannot avoid all accidents

While you may do your best to remain vigilant, you cannot prevent all accidents. In some cases, other drivers’ behavior may result in serious injuries or fatal car accidents.


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