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I got hit and didn’t get the other driver’s details. What to do?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | car accidents |

In Minnesota, car accidents happen every day, and not everyone is fortunate enough to get the other driver’s insurance and additional information. The accident might have been with an uncooperative or angry person, or it might be a hit-and-run. Sometimes people forget to gather the information in the heat of the moment. Regardless, it is essential to know what to do in this situation. The following points can guide you in handling this situation in the aftermath of an accident.

Was it a hit-and-run?

In rear-end collisions and other types of car accidents where the other driver’s car still runs, they might flee the scene to avoid potential liability. First, ensure your safety and check if your passengers are safe. Look for any witnesses and try to gather whatever details you can. Take detailed photographs of the scene, your car, and any skid marks, broken glass or other evidence of the accident. Then promptly report the accident to the police.

The driver refuses to share

If the other driver will not speak to you or refuses to give you any of their information, stay calm and avoid confrontation. Call the police for assistance, and let them intervene to get the information from the other party.

If you forgot to get the information

If someone is flustered, scared or otherwise compromised after a car crash, it’s understandable that they might forget to gather the relevant information from the other person. If you forgot to get the license, insurance and additional details from the other driver, write down anything you can remember about the other car or person involved as soon as possible. Document everything as accurately as possible, and report the incident to your insurance company, even if you have no information on the other driver.

Call your insurance company

Regardless of who might be at fault or whether you have the other driver’s information, contacting your insurance company and informing them about the accident is essential. Cooperate with any accident investigation they might conduct so that you can honor the clause regarding notification and cooperation in your auto insurance policy.

Call the police

Always report a car accident to the police, regardless of the severity or who was at fault. Get a copy of the police accident report for future reference during your insurance claim process.

You can still take action even if you don’t have the other driver’s information. Follow these tips to protect your interests and navigate the situation effectively.


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