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Employers can get into legal troubles because of drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | car accidents |

Taxi cabs continue to provide a valuable service in metropolitan areas in Minnesota and elsewhere. Numerous customers travel to their destinations without problems, but not all trips end smoothly. Sometimes, a routine taxi trip could result in an accident, and several costs may be associated with the crash.

The costs of job-related crashes

When a noncommercial driver gets into an accident, the person could face a lawsuit. The same is true when the driver performs job duties in a vehicle. However, the driver’s employer might also face liability claims. The claims could be substantial ones.

A review of statistics from 2018 reveals that 1,800 people died in on-the-job vehicle crashes. The cost of these crashes led to associated companies suffering losses of more than $750,000.

Employers and liability

In a personal injury lawsuit, the main focus is on negligence. For example, if a cab driver commits moving violations, such as speeding or running red lights, in order to get their passenger to their destination faster, this behavior could be considered negligent. The same applies if the driver is intoxicated or distracted.

If an employer continues to use the services of a driver known for reckless behavior, they may face legal consequences. Additionally, employers could be liable if they fail to properly maintain vehicles unsuitable for commercial or other use on the road.

Liability insurance could cover the losses after taxi cab accidents. The driver may carry sufficient commercial liability coverage, and the taxi company could have the appropriate general liability insurance coverage to address the claim.

Serious negotiations might be necessary to receive a reasonable settlement. Some victims may sue beyond policy limits or for punitive damages not covered by the policy.


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