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What can happen in a car crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2023 | car accidents |

The Twin Cities of Minnesota have seen more than their share of nasty car crashes. Some have resulted in terrible injuries, many of which have proven to be fatal. It’s important to know what goes on during a car crash. The more data you have on what to expect, the better. Knowing more will make it easier to minimize the chances of experiencing such a tragedy.

What is the timeline during a crash?

Car accidents can cause several outcomes. However, many of the injuries that they produce can be predicted. This makes it easier for a safe driver to take the right precautions to prevent them. The first thing that happens in any car accident is a collision. Your vehicle hits something at a high rate of speed that forces it to stop.

The next thing that usually happens is the rapid deployment of your airbag system. This generally occurs at the speed of 1/20th of a second. After they do so, they will help create a protective cushion around your body. This can be the barrier you need to keep your body free from broken glass, fiberglass, metal and other jagged objects.

What protection do you have after crashing?

Regardless of what causes a motor vehicle accident, you now have a serious issue to deal with. One of your chief means of protection, after your airbag deploys, will be your seat belt. These two features will work together to keep you from being exposed to the worst that can happen after a collision.

A seat belt can keep your body contained in your seat. This may save you from bouncing around the interior of the vehicle. It can help protect you from lethal injuries in all but the deadliest of crashes.


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