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The hidden damage sometimes left by rear-end collisions

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Minnesota is a beautiful state with many opportunities to take scenic drives. Whether enjoying countryside scenery or driving downtown, a motor vehicle accident can derail your plans for the day. About 33% of car collisions are rear-end accidents. However, these crashes can cause more damage than you might think.

How hidden damage happens after rear-end collisions

Rear-end crashes involve the front of an automobile hitting the back of another vehicle. Unless it’s a high-speed accident, the typical rear-end collision might not seem like a major concern. Many drivers might notice a new dent or scratch, thinking a trip to a body shop will solve this issue.

However, motor vehicle accidents involving rear-end damage can affect a trunk’s ability to open and close. These collisions may also affect your vehicle’s alignment. With many modern vehicles featuring built-in rear cameras and sensors, rear-end crashes can also harm your car’s safety features.

Many vehicles contain wires, lids, and other components. After a car hits the back of your vehicle, these parts may suffer considerable damage. This situation can lead to various moisture issues. Rear-end damage can also tear seals and tubing, causing fluid to leak out of your car.

What to do after getting rear-ended

After exchanging information with other parties involved in your accident, drive your vehicle to a body shop if you’re able. Ensure you visit a reliable mechanic or body shop that can detect signs of hidden damage. No matter how insignificant post-accident damage seems, always have a professional inspect your automobile.

Unfortunately, hidden damages often lead to expensive repair-related bills. If another party was at fault for your accident, it’s crucial to get and obtain documentation detailing what repairs or replacements your vehicle will require.


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