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What’s my worth? Motorcycle accidents can lead to big questions.

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | car accidents, Motorcycle Accidents |

There is a certain freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. The increased agility that comes with a motorcycle compared to a car is exhilarating and, when used wisely, a safe and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Yet, there are some risks that come with using a motorcycle. A recent accident shows how a single mistake can result in serious and often catastrophic injuries. Although the details of the crash are not yet available, it appears likely the single mistake was not even that of the biker, but instead of another vehicle. The accident involved a truck that struck a motorcycle driving northbound on Highway 61 in Winona County. The motorcycle rider was rushed to the hospital for treatment for injuries after the collision caused his bike to rollover.

The other driver was uninjured.

What are common injuries?

These accidents provide an opportunity to discuss some of the finer points of motorcycle use. A study published by the National Institute of Health dug into common injuries and causes of these accidents and found that older motorcycle riders over the age of 40 years were more likely to suffer fatal accidents while younger riders generally experienced serious injuries. Accidents for both groups most often involved a collision with another vehicle or fixed object like a parked car.

Examples of common injuries from a motorcycle crash include head injuries, abdominal trauma, chest injuries, rib and pelvic fractures as well as additional broken bones.

What is the average cost of these injuries?

Not surprisingly, the cost will vary depending on the details of the crash. Some questions to ask to help come up with an estimate include:

  • What were the medical expenses? This is generally relatively easy to determine because we can review medical bills.
  • What about future medical needs? This gets more difficult. Here, we need to look at the likelihood of additional medical care like rehabilitation or more medical procedures.
  • Did it impact my ability to work? If the injuries are serious, you may have missed work and may even have difficulty returning to work in the future. This also needs to go into the calculation.
  • What about property damage? Was the motorcycle totaled? If so, this can also go into the equation.

These are just a few questions to start the conversation. Once you begin, you may realize the amount is likely higher than you initially thought. If the accident is the result of another driver’s negligent or reckless behavior, you can likely hold them accountable for these expenses. An attorney experienced in this area of personal injury law can review your case and provide guidance.


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