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Common causes of blind spot accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | car accidents |

Many car accidents occurring on Minnesota roads can be avoided, but others are more complex. Those caused by blind spots are exceedingly common. The following are ways blind spot accidents occur along with recommendations for preventing them.

Proceeding through intersections and crosswalks

Sadly, some motor vehicle accidents caused by blind spots involve pedestrians, leaving them seriously injured or even killed. In many cases, larger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks get into these collisions due to their design, and pedestrians often go unseen when in intersections or crosswalks. Drivers must look all around the area to ensure that there are no people who can be struck.


Making right turns can be dangerous when it comes to blind spot accidents. Drivers must ensure that no other vehicles are in the lane before they make the turn. It’s also crucial to check for pedestrians and bicycles in the crosswalk before proceeding with a right turn.

Blind spot accidents while making left turns happen due to driver error. If a driver only checks their mirrors and fails to look over their shoulder before turning, it can result in missing other vehicles, people on bicycles and pedestrians, and a collision can occur.

Changing lanes

Larger vehicles, like commercial trucks, are most likely to have blind spot accidents stemming from lane changes. These vehicles have more blind spots than passenger cars, and those on the front and sides are largest, which means the driver can easily fail to see a vehicle close in another lane. Drivers are required to use extra caution to ensure that no other vehicle is too close, so they can avoid a severe accident.

Blind spot accidents often happen when you least expect them. However, by being more cautious, you can do your part to minimize how often they occur.


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