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Common mistakes to avoid after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2023 | car accidents |

A car accident on a Minnesota road is enough to jar anyone to their core. However, after such a harrowing experience, it’s crucial to take certain steps. There are also common mistakes to avoid after being involved in a car accident; these are a few examples.

Not seeking medical attention

Although many people feel fine after motor vehicle accidents, it’s a mistake to brush off seeking medical attention. Some injuries don’t manifest for several hours or days. You could have internal injuries that require immediate attention or a concussion that can worsen as time goes on. It’s best to get medically checked out to ensure the status of your health; if you have suffered injuries, you can receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Not calling 911

The police should be called to the scene of any accident resulting in significant property damage, injuries or death. Not dialing 911 can cause problems later if your car needs hefty repairs or is totaled or if you’ve sustained a personal injury. If you file a claim for damages and the police aren’t involved, it’s your word versus the other driver’s.

Fleeing the scene

If a car accident seems minor and no one appears hurt, it might be tempting to just leave the scene. This is a mistake you should never make; even in a mild fender bender, fleeing the scene can later result in a hit-and-run charge, which is serious.

Neglecting to document everything

Documentation is crucial in a car accident. This should include photos, witness statements, medical bills and even journals detailing your account of the events. Not documenting everything after an accident can cost you if you file a claim or lawsuit.


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