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Head-on truck collisions

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | car accidents, Truck Accidents |

Head-on collisions are always dangerous, but they’re even more so when a big rig is involved. Such accidents can leave Minnesota residents reeling with catastrophic injuries that are often fatal. These are common causes of head-on truck collisions and how to avoid them.

Head-on truck accident causes

Driver negligence can be a factor in all motor vehicle accidents, including head-on truck collisions. If a trucker becomes impaired by alcohol or drugs, or even drowsy due to prescription medication or lack of sleep, they can veer out of their lane and into oncoming traffic.

Distractions such as checking a phone or GPS or eating or drinking can also lead to disaster. Even looking away from the road for a few seconds can cause a truck driver to lose focus and get into a crash.

Another cause of head-on truck collisions is reckless driving. This may include speeding, following too closely behind another vehicle or disregarding traffic laws. Trucks take much longer to stop due to their unique braking systems, but in any of these situations, the trucker can lose control and swerve, which could cause a head-on accident.

Sometimes, a head-on truck crash can happen due to factors beyond the driver’s control. Some examples are poor weather, mechanical failure, poor truck maintenance by the trucking company and other drivers’ actions.

Avoiding head-on truck collisions

You can’t control what truck drivers do on the road, but you can reduce your risk of head-on collisions with trucks and other vehicles. Keep yourself visible and use your headlights whenever necessary, but avoid using your high beams in poor weather.

Remain alert at all times and stay in the right lane whenever possible. This gives you more of a buffer by keeping you away from oncoming traffic.


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