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Study Confirms Rear-End Collisions Are Easily Avoidable

A recent study on rear-end collisions confirms that such collisions may easily be avoided.

Virtually every car accident is a startling event. However, one of the most startling type of car accidents is rear-end collisions. The reason for this is that the collision occurs behind the vehicle, which you typically have less control over than the front. As a result, you may not be aware that a collision is imminent and may be powerless in avoiding the accident.

Rear-end collisions leading type of car accident in Minnesota. According to state statistics, rear-end collisions account for approximately 28 percent of all car accidents in the state each year. Because the collision occurs in the back of the vehicle, this type of car accident is a major cause of serious medical conditions, such as neck injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Facts About Rear-End Collisions

Because rear-end collisions are a leading type of car accidents on roads across the nation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration commissioned a study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) to determine why these collisions occur. Some of the findings of the study included:

  • Unsurprisingly, most rear-end collisions are caused by a driver following too closely.
  • However, more surprisingly, most rear-end collisions occurred during optimal driving conditions on flat and dry roads during daytime hours.
  • Most rear-end collisions (81 percent) occur when the leading vehicle is driving slowly or stopped.
  • Young males in the 25-34 age group are 1.9 percent more likely to cause a rear-end collision.
  • About 90 percent of rear-end collisions occur when the driver of the following vehicle is using a cellphone, texting, eating, daydreaming, talking to a passenger or otherwise distracted.

Based on the findings of the study, it can easily be deduced that the majority of rear-end collisions could be avoided if more drivers would take the simple steps of leaving more room for the vehicle in front of them and avoiding distracting activities such as texting while driving. Unfortunately, many drivers do not make the safety of themselves or other motorists the priority that it should be.

If injured, speak with an attorney

Under Minnesota law, drivers are under a duty to operate their vehicles in a way that does not subject others to an unreasonable risk of harm. Drivers that fail to live up to this duty because they were not paying attention or voluntarily became distracted may be considered negligent.

Due to the propensity of rear-end collisions to cause serious injuries, if you are involved in this type of car accident, you may face significant medical bills. Fortunately, an attorney can help you recover these bills and other expenses from the party responsible for the accident. The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones can ensure that you receive all compensation due to you under the law.