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Auto Defects Product Liability

When A Defective Car Part Caused Your Injuries, Who Is Responsible?

In the majority of car accident claims, liability lies with the driver who caused the collision. However, when a design or manufacturing flaw causes a car to crash, or fails to provide adequate safety as required, the manufacturer may be partially or wholly responsible. These are called auto defect or product liability claims.

Understanding Auto Defects And Product Liability Claims

The majority of auto defect claims involve faulty safety equipment that did not properly protect the driver and passengers during the accident. This can commonly include defective air bags or faulty seat belts. Less frequent are defective car part claims that involve failing brakes or faulty accelerators. Regardless if the defect caused your accident or failed to keep you safe during the collision, the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., can help.

Our attorneys place a dedicated focus on car accident claims, including cases that involve product liability due to a defective car part. Product liability cases are extremely complex and involve highly technical evidence, but our lawyers never back down from a challenge. Working with skilled engineers, product experts and mechanics, we obtain the evidence necessary to prove liability and secure rightful compensation.

The Support You Need During This Difficult Time

When you work with our law firm, we are not just your legal advocates, we are part of your support system during this trying time in your life. Our attorneys truly care about the welfare of our clients and their families. We know that physical recovery is your primary focus right now, so we will handle all other matters for you. We will deal with the insurers and their lawyers, investigate the auto defect, consult with experts and advance your claim in the legal system.

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