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Head And Brain Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents can cause a wide range of head and brain injuries. And while some head trauma may be mild and temporary, other injuries can be severe, long-lasting or even life-threatening. Accident victims may suffer from brain hemorrhages, brain damage, concussions, post-concussion syndrome, chronic headaches, change in behavior and short-term memory loss.

Regardless of the resulting injury, if you or a family member has endured head trauma due to a car accident, you deserve compensation. You also deserve a skilled and supportive legal advocate to help you obtain it.

If You Suffered Head Trauma In A Car Crash, We Can Help You Move Forward

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., we only focus on motor vehicle accident claims. This is because we feel strongly about helping others during their time of great need. After an accident, you may be dealing with pain, rehabilitation and the possibility of lifelong repercussions.

Now is not the time to try and navigate the legal system on your own. Let us fight your legal battles for you. We know that insurers probably won’t treat you fairly, but we are prepared for any form of resistance. Our lawyers know how to build solid claims for accident victims who have sustained head injuries. We work in conjunction with your doctors and any necessary medical specialists to quantify your injuries and to determine your future medical needs and expenses.

We work with car accident victims who have sustained head and brain injuries, due to numerous reasons such as:

  • Hitting head on windshield or side window
  • Hitting head on roof
  • Hitting head on head rest
  • Head knocking into another passenger
  • Hitting head on air bag
  • If thrown from car, hitting head on pavement

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After a motor vehicle collision, we are here to help you and your family rebuild your lives. Contact our Minnesota head and brain injury lawyers at 612-234-2992 to discuss your case. You deserve justice, and our law firm will help you get it.

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