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Delivery Truck Accidents

Minnesota Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Delivery trucks are common sights on the streets of Minneapolis. While delivery trucks are often simply the causes of frustration, when they park in the street to make deliveries, they can pose risks to motorists traveling those streets.

When the presence of a delivery truck results in the need for a quick lane change, an abrupt stop or another unexpected traffic maneuver, a motor vehicle accident can easily result.

You Have Rights After Accidents

If you suffered injuries in a Twin Cities accident caused by a delivery truck, you have the right to personal injury compensation under Minnesota law. The attorneys at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., can provide the legal guidance you need in the aftermath of an accident.

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We Represent Clients After All Types Of Accidents

If you sustained accident-related injuries due to a collision with a delivery truck, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim, regardless of whether the truck was stationary or in motion. While delivery truck accidents are very often the result of them impeding the flow of traffic, they can also be the result of negligent driving, poor maintenance or loads that are improperly balanced.

If you are unsure about whether you have a case, you can contact the lawyers at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., today via email or by calling 612-234-2992 to schedule your free initial consultation.