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Drunk Driving

Sound legal advice for clients across Minnesota after a negligent accident involving a drunk driver.

Single-Car Or Multi-Car Accidents/Pedestrian Hit And Run

A serious motor vehicle accident resulting from operator negligence is bad enough without being compounded because of the irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Each year in Minnesota, hundreds of people are injured or killed by drunk drivers, leaving families struggling to cope emotionally and financially.

Minneapolis/St. Paul attorneys Jeffrey Jones and Christopher Vilione, along with the entire staff at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., take a particular interest in the negotiation and litigation of lawsuit claims involving drunk drivers. These injuries are needless, and we feel a strong message needs to be sent not only to drivers but to the bars, nightclubs and liquor stores that overserve patrons and then allow them to drive away and cause a potentially deadly accident.

Third-Party Liability And ‘Dram Shop’ Laws

Minnesota has very specific liquor liability statutes (also called “dram shop” laws) that place responsibility for a negligent auto accident caused by drunk driving not only on the driver but also on the bar, nightclub or other establishment that served the alcohol. Many times a liquor establishment or individual employee will provide excessive alcohol to a patron and then send them out the door to their car without a second thought for the consequences.

Minneapolis attorney Jeffrey Jones is intimately familiar with Minnesota “dram shop” regulations and has helped numerous families across the state to secure compensation and damages not only from the drunk driver’s insurance company, when available, but also from liable third parties that contributed to the injury or death.

Accountability For Drunk Drivers

Our personal injury practice at the Twin Cities Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., is focused clearly on the timely delivery of maximum compensation to injured Minnesota families for medical bills, lost wages and long-term care. In addition, we are dedicated to the aggressive litigation of liquor liability cases in order to correct negligent bar/employee policies and ensure that the accident cannot be repeated and other families suffer the same tragedy.

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